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There are several major universities and other popular schools offering the opportunity to enroll in college classes and earn a college degree online.

Working on an assignment for classThere are advantages, as well as disadvantages, to taking university classes at an online school versus enrolling at a traditional campus-based school. While most students are still completing most of their courses at a traditional campus-based college, Web-based programs are rapidly rising in popularity among students and employers of graduates.

Advantages of Online College Courses
There are several advantages which include:
• making your own schedule and taking classes when you want: day, night, or weekends
• the ability to work full time (and not have to quit your job) while you attend school
• the ability for parents to attend school, even if they need to stay home with the kids
• the option to enroll at a school that isn't in your area
• the total cost is usually lower than a tradtional university
• the option to complete your degree in a shorter period of time

Disadvantages of Online College Classes
Although there are many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of web-based learning, including:
• some employers may still prefer graduates of traditional college settings
• there are certain courses and degrees not offered online (such as legal and medical based programs and other fields that require hands-on training)
• online degree programs just aren't as much fun as going off to college is

So there are both advantages and disadvantages which you can consider if you are thinking about enrolling in an online degree program or merely taking an online university class.

In 2021, most campus-based students end up taking several online classes during the course of completing their degree program. The question comes down to whether or not you want to take every class on the Web or would you rather take most of your classes in a traditional classroom setting.

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