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Not all fields of study work so well with online instruction. While most classes transition pretty well to online teaching, some courses require physical materials or hands-on work and don't respond to internet-based coursework.

Information technology is a field that does work well with online classes. The career outlook for IT professionals looks good. Recent graduates typically find a good job in their field with a nice salary and the growth and advancement prospects look bright as well. The one problem with IT training on the Web is some work needs to be done using servers or special equipment that the student would only have access to via a college computer lab. Find out more about schools and classes in information technology.

More and more students are earning their bachelor's degrees through online classes than ever before. While some schools are 100% online, most of the online courses available are offered from traditional colleges. These colleges are offering online courses to help supplement their regular classroom training. These universities are finding that their students really value these web-based options. Find out more about earning a bachelor's degree online.

One of the most popular areas where students have been asking for web-based classes has been at the graduate level. Now, most graduate courses are best taught in a small classroom, but some classes can be understood by someone sitting at home. For example, part-time adult MBA students need to spend time in a classroom to discuss and work in groups for most of their courses, but some courses, such as Managerial Accounting (which is required in most MBA degree programs), can easily be taught online. Read more about Master of Business Administration degree programs and online options.

One career field that doesn't respond too well to online study is the culinary arts. You can learn a lot by watching how-to videos, but becoming a chef is just as much about learning physical skills, such as mastering knives and controlling pans and heat and presenting dishes and meals, as it is about learning about foods and kitchen safety. You can learn more about training in the culinary arts field.

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